What to Know Before You Get Backlinks?

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What You Need To Know Before You Get Backlinks

If you are going to purchase quality backlinks from a service that can provide them for you, or if you are going to build your own, there are certain things that you need to know before you start pointing links back to your website from different locations across the web. The quality of the link is very important, and that determination is made by virtue of where it originates from. Additionally, the speed at which the links appear, and the type of anchor text that you use, can all play a role in determining the value and power of the links that you will be setting up. The following information is essentially what you need to know before you get backlinks from backlink packages or if you build them yourself.

Where Will The Links Come From?

The most important question to ask any service that you are purchasing links from is where will they be placed. You need to know the origin, as this can be a crucial part of whether they will help you rank on the search engines, or actually get you de-indexed. For example, if you are purchasing links from backlink package that is going to build several hundred for you, and they are going to come from China, the odds are that these links will be discounted, especially if they come from just one or two websites, a clear sign that they are spam to the search engine algorithms. On the other hand, if you are getting your links from locations such as a .gov website, or a reputable blog that has a high PR, these links will be seen by the algorithms as much more valuable.

How Fast Will They Come?

The second question that you need to ask these services that you find that will generate backlinks is how fast will the links be set up. In the world of Internet marketing, especially search engine optimization, speed is not always your best friend. The faster that they appear, the more likely they will be perceived as spam links created by a machine. It’s unnatural for a brand-new website to suddenly have 1000 backlinks, even if they are from hundreds of different IP addresses, so make sure that the link delivery process appears much more natural.

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What Anchor Text Will You Use?

The final question to ask the company that will deliver your links is what is the percentage of your main keyword going to be. The anchor text should not be more than 20% in most cases, simply because it’s unnatural for the same keyword to be found on hundreds or thousands of different websites, all linking back to the same page.

If you actually know how to do this on your own, the same questions should be asked when you are setting up your own link campaign. If you are able to do this, make sure that your anchor text looks natural, the speed at which the links appear is slow, and that you are actually getting links from reputable websites, some of which might actually be in the same niche. Once you are able to do this on your own or use a highly recommended link delivery company, you should be able to improve your positioning on the search engines and start generating a significant amount of traffic.