Do You Know How to Set Up a Chess Board?

Learning How to Set Up a Chess Board

Chess is an amazing game and one that has brought an incredible amount of fun and mental challenge to millions of players over the years. From high school chess clubs to speed chess in the parks, to grandmaster tournaments, chess can be enjoyed at every level and is a game that many children learn from family members and grow up to adore. You should get into chess training to learn even more.

Starting with the Basics

Before anyone can take those first early steps towards becoming a chess master, it is critical for he or she to understand how to make a chess board setup. While there are many custom chess sets that provide a wide variety of different shapes and designs for pieces (including an entire industry of custom chess sets to show off artisan designs with every piece, or with pictures carved into every white square), the shapes don’t matter as much as knowing what piece each shape represents.

Pawns are the most common with eight pieces. These are almost always smaller than every other piece on the board, and they are the minor pieces. Pawns make up the front line of all your pieces and are the easiest to set up. From whatever side you are on, ignore the back row and one more row in, you set a pawn on every single square from left to right to create a full line. Think of pawns as the “cannon fodder” of this war game.

The next two easiest pieces to set up are the books, sometimes referred to as castles. They go in both corners. Simple, right?

Think about what goes with castles in all the stories of medieval times. Knights, right? The knights are always set next to the rooks, with one knight right beside each of the castles. This should leave you with only four more pieces to set up: the bishops, the queen, and the king.

Since the king and queen are in the middle, this means one bishop goes by each of the knights that are set up. At this point, that should mean you have a row of pawns followed by (from outside to in on both sides) a rook, a knight, and a bishop on both sides. The last two pieces are the king and queen.

The queen always goes on her own color. If you are playing black, the queen goes on the black spot. If you are playing white, the queen goes on the white spot. This will line up the queens on both sides, so the setup is still right. The king takes the last remaining spot. You can also remember that the king is always on a square that is the opposite color of the side you’re playing.

chess board

That’s it. A few times setting up a board and this will become second nature. Just remember that knights go by rooks and bishops go by royalty. Knights and bishops are the pieces most beginners mix up so keep this in mind and you’ll do fine! This isĀ how to play chess.


Do You Know How to Set Up a Chess Board?
Article Name
Do You Know How to Set Up a Chess Board?
Chess is an amazing game and has brought an incredible amount of fun and mental challenge. it is critical for you to understand how to set up a chess board.